Our boiler installation technicians are experts at installing newly designed, high efficient, wall hung boilers, and water heaters.

The next generation of boiler heating systems provides more comfort and control than previous boilers ever could. In most cases, the new designs will increase the home heating efficiency, reduce your energy consumption, and save you money on heating costs. NTI boilers can be even more efficient than forced-air systems if they are installed correctly. For those homeowners that have the comfort benefit of a hydronic boiler system, replacing an older boiler with a new high-efficiency boiler can deliver great comfort at reasonable costs.

New Boiler Systems Advantages

  • Variable gas input

    Whereas old boilers had only two settings – full on capacity and off – newer NTI boilers can adjust the input of gas across a range to accurately meet the fluctuating heating needs of your home.

  • Outdoor temperature monitoring

    Modern boilers have smart controls that measure the outdoor temperature and automatically adjust to accommodate your home’s temperature.

  • Space saving

    NTI boilers have compact designs, saving you valuable floor space compared to older boiler systems

Older Boiler Systems

  • Very old and inefficient

    Many homes are heated by boilers that are over 30 years old. These systems are incredibly inefficient and should be assessed to determine the best course of action to replace.

  • Frequent repairs

    Old systems need repair and maintenance more often, adding repair costs to your heating budget.

  • Noisy

    Older boiler systems can be very noisy. Depending on its location, this can negatively impact the living environment.

  • Safety

    An older boiler likely does not meet the current safety and performance requirements for plumbing codes.


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